JAIA Yoga is a sanctuary for you to retreat from the outside world. We are here to inspire you as you generate victory, restoration, rejuvenation, transformation, and strength for your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  We specialize in a variety of Yoga Styles and formats including heated and non-heated classes. Our Hot Yoga classes employ a specialized heating system, which ensures the safest and most effective Hot Yoga experience.  The air is purified and monitored keeping carbon dioxide levels regulated and is continually pushing fresh oxygenated air into the yoga room for your deepest purification and healing.  We also specialize in gentle, inspirational, and alignment based therapeutic yoga, which are non-heated classes that benefit healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.
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We are honored to join as a community with you to share an inspired lifestyle that will encourage a unique sense of health, wellbeing, and healing. At JAIA Yoga we encourage you to adopt a lifestyle practice that will teach you how to take the victory, restoration, rejuvenation, transformation, strength, and breath you breathe in on your mat, off your mat and into your lives. Our tribe is committed to supporting you as you sustain your new and more inspired lifestyle.

" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt